You may have been hiking along a trail and stumbled upon a group of people throwing around a flying disc with surprising accuracy and talent. Or, maybe you have gone to your local park and have seen a group of folks all huddled around a metal basket cheering. Disc Golf is an exciting sport that you can play with your family and friends. You can also compete in this sport. We can give you a look at the official rules to this incredible sport and teach you how to easily play.

What is Disc Golf

Disc Golf has been around since the 60s with prominent players playing all around the United States and the world. Disc Golf is played similarly to traditional golf. However, instead of using a golf ball, players will use a flying disc. 

Each player takes a turn throwing the flying disc. A point is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a player receives a penalty. The goal of the Disc Golf is to play each hole in the least number of throws possible. This concept is called par. The player who throws the lowest par wins. 

How To Play Disc Golf: Recreational Rules

First, you’re going to want to make sure you have a disc to throw with and some form of goal. Professionals use metal rings goals, but you could make a DIY goal out of a garbage can if you don’t have the ability to buy a metal ring goal.

The purpose of Recreational Rules is to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable game. Recreational Rules are for friendly and lighthearted matches. 

Teeing Off

Each hole begins with what is called a “Tee Throw”. There will be an area designated for Tee throws. In this area, players must throw towards the goal.


You have to be able to record “Lies”. Lies are the spots where players have thrown the disc previously. It is common to mark this spot with a mini disc. After marking your lie, you can then throw your next disc towards the goal. Rinse and repeat.

Player Order

The order in which players throw the disc is determined by who threw the least amount of throws on the previous hole. This player starts the Tee Off process. After this player Tees Off the player with the longest throw goes next.

Hole Completion

When a disc sits in the metal basket or chains the hole is considered complete. 

How To Play Disc Golf: Official Rules

To play with the official rules you will need a metal basket with chains. These items can be purchased here. The official rules should be followed for serious gameplay.

Teeing Off

The person who makes the first tee will either be agreed upon or decided by flipping discs. Printed side up means head while printed side down means tails. Tee off on the following holes is determined by whoever has the lowest score on the previous hole. 

Lie Marking

When you throw your disc and it falls, you have to be able to mark where the disc fails. You must use a marker disc to accurately mark a lie. Leave the original disc wherever it fell, and only move the disc once the marker disc is placed.

Foot Placement

Your plant foot must be as close as possible to the tee line or marker disc. This is to ensure that no unfair advantage is incurred due to distance away from the metal basket. 


Another set of rules that are encouraged are sportsmanship and courtesy rules. Because the sport of Disc Golf can get intense, there are rules put in place to insure that players are respectful to one another and to the course.

 When other players are throwing the disc it is usually preferred that people keep quiet so the disc thrower can remain focused.  Or if a player loses a disc, all players should pitch in and help that player find their disc. 

Sportsmanship rules help keep the game of Disc Golf fun and engaging for all players. These rules also help make the game feel more welcoming and communal. 

Where to Review The Official Rules

If you want a website to go to review the official rules, you can go to the official PDGA website. The PDGA has a wealth of information regarding the finer details of how the game of Disc Golf is played. For example, proper foot placement and technique is covered much more extensively in their rulebook. 

Get Out There And Play A Game of Disc Golf

Equipped with the information on what the game of Disc Golf is and how you can play should help you with your first game of Disc Golf. Don’t forget to be courteous to other players, and most importantly have fun!

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