Flying Disc Sports are very popular. They can be played in a park, on a mountainside, and even in the desert. These sports even have international leagues like Disk Golf’s PDGA. Some of these disc sports can be played with your family and friends. Disc sports like Disc Dogs actually let you play a disc game with your dog. Games like Fricket are perfect for amusement and low amounts of stress.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf has been around since the 60s with prominent players playing all around the United States and the World. Disc Golf is played similarly to traditional golf. However, instead of using a golf ball, players will use a flying disc. 

Each player takes a turn throwing the flying disc. A point is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a player receives a penalty. The goal of the Disc Golf is to play each hole in the least number of throws possible. This concept is called par. The player who throws the lowest par wins. 

Teeing Off

Each hole begins with what is called a “Tee Throw”. There will be an area designated for Tee throws. In this area players must throw towards the goal.


You have to be able to record “Lies”. Lies are the spots where players have thrown the disc previously. It is common to mark this spot with a mini disc. After marking your lie, you can then throw your next disc towards the goal. Rinse and repeat.

Player Order

The order in which players throw the disc is determined by who threw the least amount of throws on the previous hole. This player starts the Tee Off process. After this player Tees Off the player with the longest throw goes next.

Hole Completion

When a disc sits in the metal basket or chains the hole is considered complete. 


Fricket is a non-contact sport played for fun and as a contest of skill. You play this game usually in a group of four. Usually, this game is played as a competitive two versus two disc sport. 


First you will need to find 4 or 5 wickets. Wickets are used as goalposts. These can be broom sticks, plastic rods, or metal poles. Next, find 4 12-ounce plastic cups. 

You set up the wickets by poking them into the ground. The placement of your wickets should look like a rectangle when you are done. For specific measurements you will want to place the first two wickets 15 inches apart from one another. After placing those wickets walk 40 ft away from the wickets and place the next two wickets. 

Once you have your wickets set up you simply place each 12-ounce cup on each wicket. After this setup you will be ready to play!


The objective of this game is to see which team can throw the ultimate disc between the other team’s wickets either without knocking over the 12-ounce cups, or by specifically knocking over the 12-ounce cups. A game of Fricket is played to 11, 15, or 21 points. Teams must switch sides on 6, 8 or 10 points. Teammates will alternate between who throws the ultimate disc. 


If a cup is knocked off the wicket by an ultimate disc then the throwing team will earn 1 point. If the cup that was knocked off is caught by a member of the receiving team with one hand, then the receiving team will earn 1 point. If the flying disc goes through the two wickets without touching them, the throwing team will earn 2 points.

For an in depth look at violations we recommend you go to the founding site of Frickets. Violation rules cover:

  • Foot Faults
  • Goaltending
  • Two-hand Catch
  • Trapping
  • Grounding
  • Disputes

Disc Dogs

Disc Dogs is a disc sport that you can play with your dog! This game is a combination of distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. The standard format is that teams of one person and one dog compete in toss and fetch events. 

What is excellent about this sport, is that it shows the excellent communication between dog and owner. Playing this sport is a great way to work on the bond between dog and owner, and helps one get outside to stay active.  

Toss and fetch

Contestants have around 60 seconds to make as many throws as possible that increase in distance. The longest catch is usually not going to be longer than 50 meters. (Convert)) Dogs are rated on the total distance of the throw with mid-air throws gaining more points. 


The freestyle event for Disc Dogs involves an owner throwing a disc towards the dog, and the dog catching the disc in a stylish manner. This event can last anywhere from one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes. Judges give points on categories such as Canine Athleticism, Degree of Difficult, and Showmanship. 

Disc Sports Are Very Accessible

All you need to play one of these disc sports is a disc and for sports like Disc Golf, a metal basket. What’s more, these games are very family and beginner friendly. Grab a disc and we will and get out there and have fun!

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