Disc Golf has been around since the 60s with prominent players playing all around the united states and world. You might be new to the sport, or you’re a pro who has been around a few times in the PDGA. Whoever you are we have picked 3 courses that we are sure you will love. The Disc Golf courses in Utah and Michigan are sure to have something for the amateur and pro to enjoy. 

Solitude Mountain Resort, UT

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Not only is Utah home to the gorgeous Moab disc golf course, but it is also home to the ephemeral Solitude Mountain Resort. The Solitude Mountain Resort is a golf disc course that was established in 2001. This course has a total of 27 holes. Alongside the holes, the tees take on a regular shape.

In order to play at the Snow Mountain Resort, you have two options. You can pay $10 to take a lift up to the mountainside where the course is located. Otherwise, you could get into the course for free by hiking the mountainside.

The Solitude Mountain Resort course starts off at 9000 feet. Something to consider is that there are also high winds at this course. This is definitely not a course for beginners and is not recommended for the faint of heart. You will need your wits to battle the winds if you want to hit par.

The distance between each hole ranges from between 300 to 500 feet each. There are many downhill shots that you will be able to take as well. According to many folks who have been to this course Hole 18 is one of the most monstrous downhill shots on a course. We hope you come to this course prepared!

​Hudson Mills Metropark, MI

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​Hudson Mill Metropark is a massive golf course with 2 full sized courses inside of the park with a combination of 24 holes each. The two courses at this park are referred to as the original course and the monster course.

The original course was created in 1992. The original course costs $10 per day for vehicle entry. You could also purchase a pass that costs $35 for a year. There is also an additional Pay to Play fee of $3 per day, or you could purchase a $55 annual bag tag. This price drops to $35 for Juniors and Seniors.

The original course is beautiful with brush and trees lining the course. The course also sees frequent usage so it is well manicured.

The Monster course was created in 1996. The course costs the same as the original course to visit. This course was designed with pro disc golf players in mind. Many folks who have been to this course mention how much fun it is to actually play. The various holes offer winding challenges not found on many other courses.

​Basecamp Moab, UT

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​Moab Utah’s Basecamp disc golf course is an 18-hole course that is sure to please the pros. It has very challenging terrain spanning canyons, cliff faces, and boulder fields. While novices can enjoy the gorgeous sites, be prepared for a challenge. The tough terrain is also tough on discs meaning less experienced players may have to cut their game short if the disc breaks. Pros will see this as an added challenge to hit par.

While staying at this course, players can find room and board for around $100 per night. Camping is around $5. Players will also definitely want to bring water as the course is very hot. Staying hydrated is key to performing well on this course.

​What About Disc Golf Courses Near Me?

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You might not be able to make it to Oregon, Colorado, or Utah and may be wondering “What Disc Golf Courses are near me?” Well, luckily, there are a few different options you can use to locate Disc Golf courses near you. The Disc Golf Scene has a tool that you can use to enter your zip code. Once you enter your zip code the website will search for Disc Golf courses near you.

Alternatively, you can use official PGDA golf course search tool. This tool conveniently shows you a map where you can even turn on satellite view and terrain view to get a feel for the layout of the land. 

​Remember to Enjoy Yourself

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The Disc Golf Courses we reviewed offer some interesting challenges, but also provide some incredible views. While some pros will enjoy the intensity that courses can provide, families may want to opt for easier courses with a more scenic view. The most important aspect of all of this is to have fun. If you are going to a Disc Golf Course location that is further away from where you live, try to make a trip out of it. 

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